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How Long Does Weed Stay In Your System?

  1. How Much Weed You Have Smoked
  2. How Often You Smoke Weed
  3. What Your Natural Metabolism Is Like
  4. How Big You Are
  5. Fluid Intake
  6. If You Have Done Any Detox Products
  7. The Type Of Drug Test
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Once in a while, everyone needs to unwind and relax. After all, life can be really stressful sometimes. Some people like to drink, some people like to gamble, some people like to eat junk food, and others like to smoke pot. There is nothing wrong with any of these options. But, while drinking, gambling and junk food consumption cannot be detected by official drug tests and cause you to lose your job, marijuana usage can. So, if you have an official drug test coming up soon, you need to be sure you will pass. Which leads to one of the most commonly asked questions by marijuana users - "How long does pot stay in your system?" Sadly, there is no definite answer to, "How long does marijuana stay in your system." You see, when you smoke pot, compounds and toxins from the THC get caught up in your fat cells (marijuana is fat soluble) and every persons body takes different periods of time to flush out these cells. One person could have no signs of weed usage 10 days after their last smoking session, while others could still show trace amounts up to 30 days after.

So, if you are trying to determine how long does weed stay in your system, here are some things you should consider:

How Much Weed You Have Smoked

This is the major factor in determining how long weed will stay in your system. Obviously, the more you smoke, the more toxins that will saturate your body, and the longer it will take to flush all of these out. If you smoke pot once or twice, it won't take long to rid your body of the built up THC. But, if you have been smoking a joint every day for the last 3 years of your life, it will be there for a while.

How Often You Smoke Weed

Building on the above point, the more often you smoke marijuana, the longer it will take for your body to rid itself of these residues. While the gross amount of weed you smoke plays a big role in how long marijuana stays in your system, the frequency is almost as important. Once again, the occasional smoker will be able to rid themselves of the THC much faster than a frequent smoker. If you use marijuana on rare occasions, usually your urine will be clean of metabolites in less than a week. The name of the game here is saturation - the more toxins that go through your body and get caught up in your body tissue, the longer it will take to get rid of them. But, there is a strange phenomena that sometimes occurs with chronic smokers. You would expect that they are having the longest detection time and the smallest chance of passing. But this is not always the case. Once in a while chronic smokers with a high tolerance are eliminating drugs quicker than an occasional smokers.

What Your Natural Metabolism Is Like

Some people have really fast metabolisms, and some peoples body naturally flushes toxins out of their body at an accelerated pace. There is nothing we can do about this - we are either born with a fast metabolism or we aren't. Generally speaking, though - the younger you are, the faster your body will detoxify itself.

How Big You Are

This is a somewhat controversial point, but it is definitely worth mentioning. Some people believe that a persons size (and more specifically bodyweight) has a role in determining how long pot stays in your system. Most drug tests work on saturation levels, so if a person has more body tissue, theoretically they can smoke the same amount of marijuana and their body tissues will become less saturated, allowing them to pass a drug test more easily. Is this true? It is not scientifically proven yet, but it does make sense.

Fluid Intake

Someone who drinks a lot of water on a daily basis will have an easier time ridding themselves of the THC that is stored in their body compared to someone who is chronically dehydrated. Water is extremely important in the detox process - the more you drink, the better off you will be.

If You Have Done Any Detox Products

One major wildcard in the whole detox process is the presence of detoxification products. There are some pretty powerful products on the market that can help speed up the detox process and get those THC toxins out of your body as fast as possible. There are some marijuana detox products that have been shown to reduce the time it takes to detox by up to 50% - that's a big deal. If you have to detox in a hurry, it is a really good idea to consider using some of these detox products.

The Type Of Drug Test

Finally, different types of tests will offer different levels of detection. For example, if you are taking a standard urine test, after 30 days maximum you should be 100% clear. But, if you are taking another kind of test, such as a hair test, it can take a whole lot longer until you are clean. Make sure you know what kind of test you are taking so you know what to expect. If you have been smoking pot and have an upcoming drug test that you must pass, it is a good idea to purchase a few drug detox products to help flush the toxins out of your system and a few home drug test kits to make sure you will not test positive when you go for the real test. Failing an official drug test is a big deal, and you need to do everything you can to make sure you pass. There is nothing wrong with smoking weed - but be smart about it! If you were looking for an exact answer as to "how long does weed stay in your system?" and are disappointed you haven't found one, why not purchase some home drug tests, some drug detox products and try to experiment on yourself. Determine how much weed you smoke, follow a detox regimen, and test yourself regularly to see how long it takes for your system to clear out all the stored THC toxins. Then, when someone asks you, "How long does marijuana stay in your system?" you will be able to tell them an exact time period with confidence, and maybe even offer them advice. (In exchange for an extra joint, of courseā€¦)

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