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2 Month Extensive Cleansing Program (Extra Strong)

2 Month Extensive Cleansing Program (Extra Strong)

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Intended for

Type of drug test:urine, blood
Level of intoxication:any
User body mass:over 200 lbs
Use:2 months before test

Product description

This two-month cleansing program that's designed to be an extra strong and extensive detoxification consists of a couple of daily supplements that serve to gradually and permanently clean the system and Vale's Solution 4x that is an extra strong detoxifying beverage for immediate results. This Extensive Cleansing Program comes highly recommended for individuals with heavy weight or those with a long history of drug abuse and it comes with a 30% discount compared to purchasing the products separately. This 2 Month Extra Strong Extensive Cleansing Program includes Perma Clean, a very effective daily supplement to enhance liver function that helps in fast detoxification and Flax Boost, a daily supplement with natural fibers and omega-3 that aid in the fast digestion and removal of wastes. These two daily supplements, if regularly taken in a 2-month period, will ensure that the natural detoxification of the human body accelerates and the cleansing procedure will progress faster. When you are to take the drug testing before you have completed the cleansing program, consume 2 bottles of Vale's Solution 4x. This is a very effective cleansing beverage and each bottle is concentrated so that the effect is immediate and reliable. Vale's Solution 4x also comes with two packs of Fiber Boost. By just following the permanent cleansing program and a handy fast-acting solution when you need one, you'll surely be on your way to recovery through this 2 Month Extra Strong Extensive Cleansing Program.


For individuals who won't be undergoing any drug testing during the 2-month permanent cleansing program:

  1. To kick off your two-month extensive cleansing program, drink a bottle of Vale's Solution and a single pack of Fiber Boost.

  2. The next day, start using the daily supplement by consuming 4 tablets of Perma Clean. Make sure that you use water for drinking.

  3. Once your Vale's Perma Clean capsules are completely consumed, drink another bottle of Vale's Solution with the last pack of Fiber Boost.

  4. The next day, start using the daily supplement Flax Boost, taking 3 tablets daily.

For individuals who will be undergoing drug testing within the 2-month permanent cleansing program:

  1. Start your cleansing program by taking 4 tablets of Vale's Perma Clean every day. Make sure that you drink the tablet with water.

  2. Once you have completely consumed the Perma Clean supply, start on Vale's Flax Boost 3 tablets every day.

  3. Vale's Solution 4x and Fiber Boost are reserved for urine drug testing days. An hour or two hours before the time of testing, take Vale's Solution together with Fiber Boost. Prior to giving your urine sample for example, urinate frequently.

To maximize the program's results:

As the cleansing process goes, the human body will never be rid of any unwanted substance as long as it is repeatedly introduced into the system even if you're using the 2 Month Extra Strong Extensive Cleansing Program. It is strongly advised to refrain from all kinds of unwanted substance while you are in the program. Additionally, water is a very effective detoxifying agent so always drink lots of water.

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