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2 Month Extensive Cleansing Program (Regular)

2 Month Extensive Cleansing Program (Regular)

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Intended for

Type of drug test:urine, blood
Level of intoxication:any
User body mass:under 200 lbs
Use:2 months before test

Product description

This 2 Month Extensive Regular Cleansing Program consists of a couple of daily supplements for permanent and gradual cleansing, and Vale's Solution, which is a detoxifying beverage for instantaneous results. The daily supplements include Vale's Perma Clean, a daily supplement that enhances the functions of the liver through nutrition. It facilitates a faster detoxification process of the body and this product is very popular among consumers. The other daily supplement included in the cleansing program is Vale's Flax Boost, a daily supplement that contains ingredients like omega-3 and natural fiber so that the digestion and excretion of wastes and toxins are greatly improved. Taken together over a duration of 2 months will further the body's detoxification process and so the cleansing process will also become quicker. Additionally, if within the period of 2 months you are required to undergo a drug testing, you can take the two bottles of Vale's Solution together with two packs of Vale's Fiber Boost. With the 2 Month Extensive Regular Cleansing Program's gradual cleansing program and the effective fast-acting detoxifying beverage, you'll be assured of a faster detoxifying process.


For individuals who will not be undergoing any drug testing within the 2-month detoxifying program:

  1. Commence the 2-month cleansing program by sipping a single bottle of Vale's Solution and take it with a single pack of Fiber Boost.

  2. The following day, you are to begin taking 4 tablets of the daily supplement Vale's Perma Clean every single day. Make sure to drink it with water and not any other beverage.

  3. After you have used up all of the tablets of Perma Clean, you need to drink the other bottle of Vale's Solution together with 1 pack of Fiber Boost.

  4. The following day, you are to begin taking 3 tablets of Vale's Flax Boost. Use water upon taking the tablet and do this every day.

For individuals who will be undergoing a drug testing within the 2-month detoxifying program:

  1. Start using your daily supplement regimen immediately by consuming 4 tablets of Vale's Perma Clean every day. Use water when taking the tablets.

  2. Once your supply of Vale's Perma Clean is consumed, start on the Vale's Flax Boost daily supplement by taking 3 tablets every day. Again, use water when taking the tablets.

  3. The detoxifying beverage Vale's Solution, as well as the Fiber Boost should be reserved for the day of urine drug testing. One to two hours prior to the set time of testing, you are to consume Vale's Solution together with the capsules of Fiber Boost. Before submitting a final urine sample, make sure that you have already urinated several times.

For optimum results during the cleansing program:

Water is a very important agent in the detoxification process and drinking a lot of water will facilitate for a faster cleansing of the body, as well as keeping the body hydrated. While you are following this 2 Month Extensive Regular Cleansing Program, it is advised that you steer clear of taking any illegal or unwanted chemical so that your body will be completely detoxified.

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