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2 Step COC/Cocaine Detox Program for Persons Under 200 Lbs

2 Step COC/Cocaine Detox Program for Persons Under 200 Lbs

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Product description

This is a Cocaine Detox Program for lightweight and infrequent users. If you are heavyweight or frequent user you can use 2 Step COC/Cocaine Detox Program for Persons Over 200 Lbs

Cocaine is highly addictive and taking a large amount of it has numerous negative side effects. There is huge possibility that cocaine traces may stay in the system for different periods. It is difficult to recognize when the cocaine will be metabolized and eliminated from the body as the process utterly depends on the amount consumed and means of administering the dosage. Nowadays, comprehensive drug testing becomes mandatory, apparently to verify the presence or absence of illicit drugs such as cocaine in a person's system.

The most convenient and reliable way to successfully pass a drug test if you are below 200 lbs is to use the 2 Step COC/Cocaine Detox Program for Persons Under 200 Lbs. To ensure negative result on a urine drug screen, the kit includes all items necessary for efficient detoxification:

QPretox Daily Supplements
16 oz. bottle of QCarbo Easy Cleanser
Cocaine Test Device

The QPretox Daily Supplements are actually taken to prepare you 25 days prior to the schedule of drug testing. 16 oz. bottle of QCarbo Easy Cleanser is consumed to instantaneously cleanse your body and eliminate drug traces from your system before you appear for the test. The Cocaine Test Device that comes along with the set is used to confirm if you are utterly prepared to collect a urine sample for analysis.

As soon as you received the 2 Step COC/Cocaine Detox Program for Persons Under 200 Lbs, start using it and make sure that you strictly abide with the instructions to confidently overcome the roughest situation and see desired result.


  1. To submit a sample that is totally undetectable you should take 2 QCarbo Capsules 2 times a day with water and never miss this step.

  2. Two hours before you start off with a full body cleanse, drink the entire content of QCarbo Easy Cleanser.

  3. For about 20 minutes fill the empty bottle with safe drinking water and drink the entire content slowly.

  4. Stay at ease for the next 40 minutes then check your urine to ensure that the product provides you with the result you need.

  5. For clear-cut results, urinate frequently before conducting a test.


  • Avoid using drugs that can interfere with the cleansing process.

  • You should not eat large meals before efficiently utilizing this product.

  • Drink huge amount of water a few days before the drug testing schedule.

  • Urinate as often as possible to hasten the cleansing process.

  • This detoxification kit simply works more efficiently for 5 hours after consumption so manage your time appropriately.


Discuss the use of the 2 Step COC/Cocaine Detox Program for Persons Under 200 Lbs with a healthcare professional if you are nursing your child or if you are conceiving.

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