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2 Step Opiate (HER/MOR/OPI) Detox Program for Persons Under 200 Lbs

2 Step Opiate (HER/MOR/OPI) Detox Program for Persons Under 200 Lbs

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Product description

This is an Opiate Detox Program for lightweight and infrequent users. If you are heavyweight or frequent user you can use 2 Step Opiate (HER/MOR/OPI) Detox Program for Persons Over 200 Lbs

Drugs can be detected in your urine hours to a few months after its use however it is not easy to determine when it will be expelled from your system. If you have an approaching urine drug test and you are not certain whether you will test clean, the best thing you can do is to purchase the 2 Step Opiate (HER/MOR/OPI) Detox Program for Persons Under 200 Lbs.

This product kit contains a list of items that are not only easy to use but also provides result that cannot be easily detected by comprehensive laboratory tests. The list includes:

16oz. bottle of QCarbo Easy Cleanser
QPretox Master Concentrated Capsules (100 ct)
Opiate Test Device

You are advised to use 2 Step Opiate (HER/MOR/OPI) Detox Program for Persons Under 200 Lbs 2-25 days before the deadline. Take the QPretox Capsules while avoiding toxins and suppressing opiate cravings. During the day of your drug test, consume the QCarbo beverage to sweep away harmful materials and drug residues. It is safer if you carefully read and understand every detail of the following instructions.


  1. The initial step to detoxifying with the use of this unique cleansing kit is to consume 2 Pretox QCapsules along with water.

  2. During the day of the deadline, drink the entire content of the QCarbo plus bottle. Consume it slowly 2 hours before the actual test.

  3. After having consumed the beverage, stay calm while waiting for another 20 minutes.

  4. Load the bottle with water and drink the full content of the bottle.

  5. For around 40 minutes, take the opiate test device and check if you are now prepared to send your sample for examination.

Important Tips:

  • Abstain from using commonly abused substances for 48 hours before scheduled drug test.

  • Eat regular meals but do not eat too much before starting to use this product.

  • Urinate more often than usual to accelerate detoxification process.

  • It is also recommended that you drink plenty of water for rapid cleansing before test day.

  • Be cautious of your time when using this product as the result is not lasting.


Before using 2 Step Opiate (HER/MOR/OPI) Detox Program for Persons Under 200 Lbs solicit recommendations from a healthcare professional if you are in an extremely sensitive condition particularly if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.

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