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5 Panel Home Urine Drug Test

5 Panel Home Urine Drug Test

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Product description

The 5 Panel Urine Drug Test is very simple and reliable device that checks urine for the five most common Drugs: Marijuana, Cocaine, Methamphetamine, Amphetamine and Opiates. This product meets the SAMHSA requirements for drug abuse screening test.

  1. Urinate into a drug test cup or another sterile container.

  2. After urinating open the foil pouch and take the test cartridge.

  3. Remove the cover from the test strips and place them into urine sample for ten seconds. Make sure urine touches only test strips but not plastic device.

  4. Wait 5 minutes and read the results.

Interpretation Of Results:

Negative: 2 red lines are visible in both Control and Test zones. The test is still negative even if the lines look pink and pale. This means that drug level in urine sample is still below the cutoff level.

Positive: One red line in the Control zone, and no lines in the Test zone. This result means that drug level in urine sample is above the cutoff level or equals it.

Invalid: No lines at all or single line in the Test zone and no lines in the Control zone. This result occurs because of the damage of the test kit or violation of testing procedure. Take another testing device and repeat the test.

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