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Fast Opiate (HER/MOR/OPI) Detox Kit for People Under 200 Lbs

Fast Opiate (HER/MOR/OPI) Detox Kit for People Under 200 Lbs

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Product description

This is an Opiate Detox Program for lightweight and infrequent users. If you are heavyweight or frequent user you can use Fast Opiate (HER/MOR/OPI) Detox Kit for People Over 200 Lbs

Drug testing in laboratory test is a complicated procedure. In the recent days, many corporations insist on drug test to ensure safety. If you are not certain about being clean you should not appear on a drug test without being prepared. Instead of taking the risk, consider purchasing a professional opiate detoxification kit.

The best way to effectively eliminate toxins and drug residues is to use the Fast Opiate (HER/MOR/OPI) Detox Kit for People Under 200 Lbs for people below 200 lbs. It is consists of:

16oz. bottle of QCarbo Easy Cleanser
QClean Chewable Detox Supplement
Opiate Test Device

QClean Chewable Detox Supplement enhances the body's natural flushing system and speeds up the entire cleansing process. A reliable Opiate Test Device generates results similar to a laboratory test.

In order to achieve remarkable benefits, you must use Fast Opiate (HER/MOR/OPI) Detox Kit for People Under 200 Lbs on the time you need a complete detoxification to test clean. It is also best to start your routine 2 hours before the actual drug screening procedure. Before starting your detox program with the aid of this product, follow the given instructions correctly and understand the whole process.


  1. The first step that you need to do is consume the entire bottle of QCarbo 2 hours before your drug test.

  2. After taking the initial step, wait for about 15 minutes. Completely fill the bottle with water and consume it.

  3. Urinate many times within the next 45 minutes after drinking.

  4. Before going to a test, examine your sample using the opiate test device. One line is positive while two lines indicate a negative drug test result which means you are now ready to send a sample for the actual test.

  5. However, in case you see a failing result move on to the next step. Take the QClean tablet by chewing and make sure to consume it with 32 ounces of water to achieve the most favorable result.

Important Tips:

  • Avoid all drugs for at least 48 hours before the time you want to be clean.

  • Do not eat in excess before your detox program.

  • Urinate regularly to quickly dissolve all the toxins present in your system.

  • Drink lots of water before detoxifying to increase the effectiveness of your program.

  • The effects are fleeting so present a sample within the next 4 hours.


If you are planning to use Fast Opiate (HER/MOR/OPI) Detox Kit for People Under 200 Lbs and you are pregnant or breastfeeding inform your doctor immediately to prevent risks.

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