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Hair Test Pass Detox Shampoo

Hair Test Pass Detox Shampoo

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Intended for

Type of drug test:hair
Level of intoxication:any
User body mass:any
Use:on the day of test

Product description

The Hair Detox Test Shampoo conceals unwanted substances found on hair like THC, nicotine, cocaine, environmental and chemical products. Toxins are absorbed in the entire body through the bloodstream and are absorbed by hair through the surroundings. Damp hair and hair with styling gel are highly prone to environmental toxins such as second hand smoke. The blood nourishes the hair with nutrients during its growth, as well as with toxins which are carried to the hair follicle. As the hair grows, toxins are embedded in the hair follicle. In the drug or nicotine test process, a hair strand near the scalp is taken out by the examiner.

For processing in the laboratory, the hair sample is melted using organic solvents. Once it becomes part liquefies, the toxins present are released within the hair follicle. The extraction is done on the liquid wherein nicotine or drug toxins are taken out. When the toxins are removed, a GC/MS is performed, as with a urinalysis.

The Hair Detox Test Shampoo functions as hair coat like a natural film which resembles that of a conditioner. When the examiner removes hair sample and dissolves it in the solution the shampoo residue binds with the drug or nicotine metabolites, which had been cornered in the hair follicle, concealing the contaminants.

Most laboratories have followed the new standards, but as to what technology the lab will use to disrupt the result is yet undetermined.

  1. Shake the product well prior to use.

  2. Apply half of the content of Hair Detox Test Shampoo on your hair.

  3. Massage your head with the shampoo covering it entirely especially at the back of your head.

  4. Allow it to stay 4 minutes on your hair.

  5. Rinse it completely.

  6. Do the same procedure with the remaining of the bottle.

For Best Results:

Use more than 1 bottle of the Hair Detox Test Shampoo if you have thicker hair such African-American Hair or long hair.


The product is not intended for internal use. Recent testing cut-off requirements of 0.1ng, in effect a "0 tolerance" degree will result to withdrawal of guarantee on this product. The Hair Detox Test Shampoo is not for use on legally administered drug examination and is to be utilized in reference with all state and federal laws. If you are into having a stress-free and salubrious life, try the Premium Detox 7 Day Comprehensive Cleansing Program.

Product reviews

Debra :
I am occasional smoker and I used it twice, but it really helped me pass my test! Was amazed on how quick it was delivered to my place! Not sure if it works for daily smokers

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