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UTest-O-Meter Multi-Level Home THC Urine Test

UTest-O-Meter Multi-Level Home THC Urine Test

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Product description

UTest-O-Meter multi-panel home drug test is intended for those who want to control the level of marijuana metabolites in their body, as unlike usual tests it can detect THC in urine at four different levels:
  • 20 ng/mL

  • 50 ng/mL

  • 100 ng/mL

  • 200 ng/mL

Unlike the single-panel tests, this product can be used not only to confirm or disprove the presence of THC in urine, but to control detox process and estimate time necessary to get clean.

  1. Use dry and clean disposable cup to collect urine sample

  2. Open the foil pouch immediately before the testing procedure

  3. Remove cap and dip test strip into cup or place device with cap on a flat horizontal surface and use sample dropper to place 3 drops of urine in each hole in the cap

  4. Wait about five minutes


Check two lines in the test areas: the one in the "C" zone is a control line, and the one in the "T" zone is a test line.

Positive result: You can see only control line.

Negative result: You can see both control and test lines. Even if the test line is lighter than control line it is still considered a negative result.

Invalid test: You cannot see control line after 5 minutes. This means that testing procedure was not carried out properly and you should conduct another test with new device.

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